Who’s Who

Who is leading Beth Shalom to become fully-functioning followers of Yeshua?

Austin & Jennifer, Messianic Pastor

Austin and Jennifer serve as the leaders of Beth Shalom. Austin brings with him an intense passion for truth, love for the Messiah, and a heart for people. Austin and Jennifer have 5 active children. Austin and Jennifer began their Messianic life with Beth Shalom in 2002 being married under the Chuppah with former Rabbi Don Lansing officiating. After a long time in the desert, they returned in 2015.

samsonlionFrank, Senior Elder

Frank joined Beth Shalom in 2000, only 2 years after the Congregation was founded. Frank has served Beth Shalom faithfully over the years. As Elder, Frank leads the congregation with a calm spirit, gentle wisdom, and subtle humor. 

david+and+goliathDamian & Irsha, Deacon/ Worship Team Leader

Damian and Irsha began attending Beth Shalom in 2015, when they were convicted by the Ruach HaKodesh of the need to follow God according to the Torah. Being Spirit led, bathing everything in prayer this couple has been a strong example of faith and obedience. 


Willie & Espy, Deacon

Willie and Espy DeLeon have a long history in the Messianic movement. As strong leaders, they have a heart and passion for spreading the Word of God to the Augusta area. Willie leads our worship liturgy and Espy is our resident Hebrew teacher.

jerichoSean & Mary, Media & Dance

Sean and Mary originated their messianic involvement in Milwaukee, WI in 2008. When they moved to Beth Shalom in 2010, Sean became the audio-visual director while Mary was involved with the dance team and eventually the leader, creating simple choreography to encourage newbies to join in our dance worship.

Don and Karen,

Founding Rabbi and Rebbetzin
Don and Karen Lansing founded Beth Shalom in 1998 through the leading of the Ruach HaKodesh. Don and Karen stepped down in June 2016 retiring for the third time. At Pesach 2016, Beth Shalom honored Don and Karen for their dedication and service to God and Beth Shalom, naming the Sanctuary in their honor.