CBS Helps

The people of Beth Shalom want to help. We have a leadership team who look into the needs of others.

Life group

Life Groups
In Sync with the Message series, Life Groups will meet in members homes and discuss how life needs to change after hearing the message the previous Shabbat. Building the relationships needed to help each other overcome weaknesses.  


Shabbat Life
Shabbat is a lifestyle. 6 days of labor, one day of rest. So we rest and fellowship. We worship and eat, and spend a lot of time on Shabbat together. 



Staying connected to each other is vital for the Shabbat Lifestyle. For new people, we want to connect, and pull you into the best lifestyle there is. 


God’s Meetings
God has his own schedule. We have chosen to adopt his schedule. It is not hard when you are connected.


Outside Ministries
10% of all our donations go to support ministries of the MJAA. We also support other ministries with donations and our time.